Top 10 NBA 2023 schedule and Match Highlights

We all are more interested in NBA currently due to the blockbuster trade that is currently going on. The west is pretty stacked as there are many top players playing with the top teams.

With Kyrie Irving playing with  Luka Doncic in Dallas Mavericks. Whereas on the other side, Kevin Durant is currently traded to Phoenix Suns playing alongside Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and De Andre Ayton.

NBA 2023 Schedule and all  the NBA News

It is getting quite interesting in NBA as the maximum number of teams shuffled their player in the team. The Lakers just acquired D’Angelo Russell from Minnesota Timberwolves and traded Russell Westbrook.

The Lakers are also getting quite better as a team after the trade deadline as they signed many valuable players. Meanwhile, Denver Nuggets look like they are not looking for any kind of trades as they are okay with their Roster including two-time MVP Nikola Jokic and the Poing Guard Jamal Murray.

Golden State Warriors Trades

The warriors desperately needed some trade at this trade deadline. they only got Gary Payton II and he also was not physically fit. The Portland Trail Blazers somehow managed to trade Gary Payton with Injury. Steph Curry who is sidelined for 2 weeks will not also play at NBA All-Star this February.

Klay Thompson is adjusting to the offensive environment of the Golden State Warriors quite well. He is currently averaging 25 ppg in January. With all the star players of the Golden State Warriors adjusting the environment, we can say all the Warriors now need is one Power Forward.

If the Warriors get one good power forward this season we can assure that the Golden State is going Back to Back. The defending NBA Champion is currently looking for Steph to make a return. They want him on the team so that they can be fully prepared for the postseason games.

Phoenix Suns Trade News 2023

The Phoenix Suns became the title contender overnight in the NBA due to the Blockbuster Kevin Durant trade. The Suns had already gone to Western Conference Final before the arrival of Kevin Durant and also are the Western Conference Champs.

But with the likelihood of Durant, we can say that this team is stacked with Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, and no 1 draft pick De Andre Ayton. We will have to wait and see where can this stacked team reach in the NBA this season.

Los Angeles Lakers Trade News 2023

Lebron just surpassed the total number of points scored by an NBA player which was held by the great Kareem Abdul Jabaar. Lebron outscored Kareem when the Lakers were playing against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Since playing the match against the thunder, Lebron hasn’t played the last two games.

As per the NBA reports Lebron will be fit to play on Thursday. The Lakers traded Russell Westbrook, and Pat Bev and got D’lo and other players in return. But with the Suns getting pretty stacked we cannot say the Lakers are going ahead of the Phoenix Suns.

Dallas Mavericks Trade News 2023

Luka Doncic for Dallas Mavericks this season has been quite impactful. Doncic has been nearly averaging Triple Double this season. Luka has been scoring 40-50 points where he has averaged a triple-double.

Even though Luka has scored many points, his team hasn’t been in the top position this season. The Mavericks franchise owner and Billionaire Mark Cuban have just added another offensive piece to their roster.

Former Nets point Guard Kyrie Irving just signed with Dallas and increased their offense. Luka and Kyrie are looking to take offense with their skill of play. We can assure you that the Western Conference is going to be fun to watch.

Los Angeles Clippers Trade News 2023

One side of Los Angeles is trading some good players and the Clippers are also looking to extend their roster. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are the only two players on the Clippers Roster who has been playing well.

While the other rosters are finding it difficult to get their rhythm going. Their entire team flow has not been the same since the last season. The Los Angeles Clippers have traded John Wall back to Houston and have sent Reggie Miller to the Hornets for Masone Plumlee.

The Clippers are looking to get Russell Westbrook too if he is bought out. But the Clippers need some players who can shoot and if the team cannot shoot the basketball then they cannot against the stacked west.


Coming to the All-Star we can say that the All-Star game is going to be an interesting one. On the west, the team Captain is  Lebron James and on the East, we have got Giannis Antetokounmpo as their captain. These two teams’ captain has gone against each other at the 2020 All-Star game also.

Lebron James is currently on a winning streak at the NBA All-Star game. We fans are expecting a quality All-Star game where these two top players are going against each other. The NBA All-Star game is going to be held in Salt lake City, Utah.

On February 19 other games will be held and on February 20th the All-Star will be played. Some of the top players Like Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry will not play at the All-Star. Due to injury, they will probably miss this year’s NBA-All Star game.

NBA Top teams of the week 2023 Feb 14th

Western Conference Top Teams

The West has been ruled by the two-time MVP Nikola Jokic’s team Denver Nuggets. The Memphis Grizzlies are in the second spot in the west where the entire Grizzlies roster is playing with their full passion. We all can see their defense and their offense this season where they have been interesting on both ends.

Sacramento has been lighting the beam this season whereas De’Aron fox has been playing at his peak this season. Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns are in fourth and fifth place respectively. As we already said the west is getting quite wild with adding Kyrie and Kevin.

Eastern Conference Top Teams

Boston Celtics are currently on a roll where they have been outscoring most of the top teams with their Defense. Jayson Tatum and the Celtics’ Rosters are helping the team level up each game. If one player does not deliver in a game then the other player steps up.

Milwaukee Bucks has also been absolutely mesmerizing to watch this season. As they have given Ls to both the Los Angeles Teams are in a back-to-back match. Giannis and Khris Middleton have been forming absolutely great offense for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Philadelphia 76ers are currently in the third Eastern Conference, where the Duo of Joel Embiid and James Harden are trying to get some chemistry to build up in Philly. Now after Embiid got snatched at the All-star starting lineup, he looked fired up and has been posting monstrous points in his last five games.

Cleveland Cavs and Brooklyn nets are in the fourth and fifth spot respectively. Both the teams just shuffled their entire roster and also has been good even after shuffling their roster. Let’s see where this team reaches this season in NBA Conference.

We have to wait and see who will win the Eastern and Western Conferences and be crowned as the NBA Champion this season.






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