How Steph Curry Night Night Celebration Started

As we saw and enjoyed the night, the night celebration is done by 2021-22 Finals MVP Steph Curry. Nevertheless, we are less aware of the fact when the celebration started.

Steph Curry did the celebration this year against all of the teams he has faced in the playoffs. Here today we are breaking down the initiation of the famous Celebration. We try to conclude all the famous celebration videos in this post.

Kick-Off of the Night Night Celebration.

Before the start of the season, many analysts said that Golden State Warriors will not go through the 21-22 season. However, they came against the odds and won the NBA Championship after 3 long years. They did that without James Wiseman and 2015 FMVP Andre Iguodala.

1. Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets

The Western Conference Playoffs were set and the third-placed GSW had to face the sixth-place Denver Nuggets in their first-round match. Back to Back MVP Nikola Jokic led their team to the playoffs without Jamal Murray and faced Steph.


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The Warriors won the series by the equation of 4-1, where the Golden State dismantled the nuggets. After hitting the Clutch bucket against the Nuggets Curry gave one expression which was not established first. But not it has become the trend.


2. Golden State Warriors vs Memphis Grizzlies 

After Beating the back-to-back MVP the warriors faced the young energetic Memphis Grizzlies.  The grizzlies and the Warriors went down to the wire. After 6 games Warriors won the series by a 4-2 advantage. Things also got heated in that series against the Grizzlies.


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After hitting the tough clutch Trey, Chef Curry immediately celebrated with the Night night expression. After that, it became Chef’s trademark.

3. Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks

Mavericks won the series against the top-seed Phoenix Suns. In that series, Luka outscored Devin Booker in Points, Chris Paul in assists, and Ayton in rebounds. Luka also Manhandled the entire top-seed Phoenix Suns.


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Luka and Curry came face to face in the Western Conference Finals where both teams fought hard. Both the light-skinned dude played with whole hearts on the floor in that series. However, Curry came up top in the series and celebrated with his trademark move Night night!!

4. Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics

After taking down KD and Kyrie’s Brooklyn Nets, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue’s Milwaukee Bucks, and Jimmy and Tyler Hero’s Miami Heat. The



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Prior to game six, we saw Steph giving some cold photos with some presentations. Steph said ring me even though it was only the third quarter of the game. In the final quarter, Steph pump faked the ball which led Al Harford to jump and hit an easy three.


Steph Curry was seen enjoying the camp.

After finishing the NBA season the NBA champ and finals MVP Stephen Curry just started the camp for the children in California. He along with Snopp Dogg even gifted the students the court.

After finishing the camp in California Curry even provided special training to Trae Young. He was seen providing some shooting lessons to Trae.

Steph even went to Draymond Green with Lebron James, Jayson Tatum, and Clutch players Members of Rich Paul’s party. He was seen flexing the Finals ring too in the wedding ceremony.

Steph was recently seen enjoying his vacation with his wife. They are seen enjoying the fresh new places on their vacation.  So let us see how much will he averages next season.

Dennis Schroder joins Los Angeles Lakers

Schroder who played for Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020-21 season is again rejoining the team. Even after the season, the Lakers had offered Schroder a four-year 84 million USD deal but he declined the offer.

Schroder played with Boston after that and was seeking somewhere better than Boston and was eventually traded to Houston Rockets. After the poor season with both teams, Dennis is rejoining the Lakers on a 2.64 Million Dollar deal.

Los Angeles Lakers are bringing in defensive Point Guards this season. They have also recently bought Patrick Beverly from former Playoffs team Minnesota Timberwolves. Last season when they reached the playoffs the entire roster celebrated the victory like they have reached the NBA finals.

In a recent interview, a reporter asked Patrick about how he feels when he plays with Anthony Davis and Lebron James he said that you need to ask this question because he qualified for the playoffs and they did not.

Steph did a night, night celebration before scoring.

In a match against Denver Nuggets Stephen Curry was seen doing Nights celebration before scoring the basket. While the warriors were out bounding the ball Ball was handed to Steph Curry, he then dribbled the ball once after that he showed his signature move.

Afterward, he went on scoring a bucket over Nikola Jokic, and he made the celebration very famous. Steph even printed the celebration shirt after finishing the NBA finals.

Steph even hosted the 29th edition of the Sports Award Show. Steph even commented on some of the NBA Athletes. He was the one who ended the show with the night celebration.

He also won the Best Male Athlete award that night. Steph was not only the best male athlete but also a record-breaking performance by the NBA Host.

Recently, Curry was enjoying some fighting games as well. He was seen watching the fight and also showed some love to Canelo. Steph also did the famous celebration in front of the whole crowd.

Let us wait for the new NBA season and watch his performance this year. comment down below which top team will reach the playoffs in this coming season. Also do not forget to mention who will win the Most valuable player, Defensive player of the year, Rookie of the year, and Sixth man of the year.

What are the chances of the Golden State Warriors going back and forth this season? Leave your comment below.

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