NBA Full Games Highlights and Scores | December 16, 2022|

We have come up with another night full of the NBA Highlights on December 16th. The NBA games have been buzzing in the whole USA.  With all that being said we have presented the whole NBA night highlights and scores.

Top 4 Matches Scores and Highlights  of December 16, 2022

There were four games in today’s game where 8 teams faced each other. The Eight teams that played in today’s NBA game were Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks vs Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans vs Utah Jazz, and Los Angeles Clippers vs Phoenix Suns.

1. Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets

The First game that started was started in the  16th of December was Miami Heat vs Houston Rockets. Tyler Herro was the best player on that night where he shined and scored 41 points with 10 threes.

Tyler was 10-15 from the three-point range and 13-20 from the field. Miami was single-handedly uplifted by Tyler Herro with 41 points. Jimmy Buttler was also the other top scorer for the Heat against the Rockets.

On the other hand, Jalen Green was the top scorer for the  Rockets. Kevin Porter Jr was their top scorer.

Did You Watch The FIFA World Cup Final?

The World Cup was hosted by Qatar this year where 32 teams joined the party and only one team could win the Cup. There were altogether 8 groups and each group had 4 teams in it.

The Final was between Argentina and France where both the top players were battling against each other. Both Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi are joint top scorers in this world cup.

In the starting First 30 minutes, Argentina Pressed the ball really well. The France Defense was simply exhausted by the ball moment from the Argentinean. Argentina Scored two goals in the First half with one from Lionel Messi. After Messi scored a penalty goal, they again pressed the game and scored another easy by Angel Di Maria.

The First half was all in favor of Argentina with the lead of 2 goals to non. Coming to the second half, the  France were dimantled by the argentinian defense and offense. Till 75 minutes there France had  0 shots attempts and 0 shots on target.

Meanwhile, Argentina had hit 8 shots and had 5  shots on target. With all the drama in the game coming to 80th minute france got a penalty and Kylian Mbappe converted it into a goal.

After the Penalty goal France pressed the game and intercepted the ball from Messi and it is  again Kylian Mbappe. This match is getting interesting as it  was meant to be. Both the teams provided a magnificent team game in this match.

Counter Attack from both side, Defense from both side. This match is one heck of  a match. Intense football being played, all the fans have been waiting for this perfect match. The whole 90 minutes finished with a score of 2-2.

In the Extra time both the teams got the chance to score a goal. The Keeper defended the ball really well. But Coming to the 112 minutes Alverez hit a ball very hard to score a goal for Argentina but Hugo Lloris made first save. But after the ball reflected and  went on the foot of Lionel Messi which he converted into a goal.

After Sometime Kylian Mbappe scored a Penalty goal after the Argentinian player hand ball in the debox. The match went to penalty shootout and the france were seen in a hudde discussing about the penalties.

First penalty was scored by Mbappe and the consecutive two were missed by Kingsley Koman and Adrian Tchouameni and the other one was scored.

The Argentinian player did not missed a single penalty in the penalty shootout. All the players scored an exceptional goals in the penalty. Dybala also scored a great Penalty in the competition and was seen celebrating with the entire bench.

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