Watch: How Harrell Provoked Giannis to Knock down the Ladder.

We all watched the match yesterday between Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers. In that Game Giannis scored 25 points with 14 rebounds and 4 assists. On the other hand, Joel Embiid had 32 points with 11 rebounds and 8 assists.

Giannis and Monterzl Harrell yelling for the Ball.

Monterzl Harrell Came out to the court and snatched the ball from Giannis Antetokounmpo and reportedly said “This is not f****n Milwaukee home court.” Montrezl also said, ” Yea I took the ball, get the f**k outta here, I am doing my f****n job.”


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Watch the Whole Incident between Giannis and Harrell in the above video.

Harrell also reportedly told Thanasis ” I will beat your a** when Thanasis Antetokounmpo tried to confront him about the ball incident against Giannis. After all the incidents Giannis was left with no option to practice but he somehow managed to get another ball and went to practice.

When Giannis Returned to the free throw line to practice he met with a ladder in front of the rim. He then tries to convince the ball boy to give him some space to practice the free throw. After being told twice that the ladder was not moving, Giannis pushed the ladder to the ground and went back to practice the free throw. He went to score the first free throw and he missed four in a row including one airball.

Then we all came across the video we saw by some random strangers and tried to judge Giannis but we had known the whole incident. Montrezl Harrell tried to provoke Giannis and we did not get to see the entire video, we only saw Giannis pushing the ladder to the floor after the loss.

After the whole incident, Giannis told to the Athletic that “I never try to disrespect anyone in any way shape or form. I feel like today was just an unfortunate event that took place. I think people did not respect the fact that players want to get some extra work in.”

After the incident, Giannis was agitated returning to the locker room and even shared the incident with some of his teammates. But somehow we get to see the whole video regarding this matter.

Giannis Knocked Down the ladder after the loss against Philly.

Milwaukee Bucks lost the game with only eight points whereas Giannis missed 11 free throws. Giannis was 4/15 from the line. Giannis was very much upset after the loss against the 76ers and went to practice the free throw after the game.


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We had only seen this video on the internet but we have not known about all the brawls between them. So try to get all the information correct before judging

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