Watch: Top 15 NBA Games Highlights today

As NBA season is getting excited day by day, today 15 games is being played. There will be 30 teams competing against each other for the win.

Warriors, Lakers, Clippers, Nets, Bucks and other many other top teams were on action. So with out any further delay let us update you the NBA games winners of the day.

15 NBA Games Highlights of the day

The first game that starts the NBA 30 teams battle is Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Hornets. Both teams from the east are a bit struggling but let us see which team is performing better today.

1. Charlotte Hornets vs Washington Wizard

Both the teams played really well from the beginning. Till the second quarter both the teams were competing aggressively. But in the second half the Wizards outscored the Hornets and came out on top.

2. Houston Rockets vs Orlando Magic

The former first round 2nd overall pick Jalen Green is facing the current first round 1st pick Paulo Banchero. Green and Paolo were battling from the start of the quarter and Banchero outscored Green. Which results is Magic win.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder vs Detroit Pistons

Cade Cunnningham played really well till the third quarter in the match but after the third the rhythm changed. Oklahoma played team basketball where pistons played individual ball.

4. Indiana Pacers vs New Orleans Pelicans 

Zion Williamson is showing absolute better games even though after coming back from the injury. Indiana Pacers played well in the first quarter but after that the lost their momentum and gave the lead to Pelicans.

5. Philadelphia 76ers vs Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker and the Suns team are giving their fans their entertainment. In the recent 2  years the Phoenix Suns are showing the great capabilities to reach further in the league. On the other hand Philadelphia is still struggling even after acquiring James harden. Tyrese Maxey is just a player who has been giving his 100% for the 76ers.

Joel Embiid just played an best games of the season this year against the suns. After the great performance the Philadelphia somehow managed to win against the Suns.

6. Milwaukee Bucks vs Atlanta Hawks

The 8-0 Team Milwaukee Bucks faced Atlanta Hawks. Milwaukee has been undefeated this season and are on perfect 8wins and 0 loss. Bucks are on the 1st place in NBA ranking since day 3 of NBA.

Giannis the freak Antetokounmpo is also on the top of NBA MVP Ranking. He just exploded for the Milwaukee and gave Hawks the problem.

On the other side Atlanta tried to stop Giannis but He is the freak and is very difficult to stop. DeJounte Murray the player where they signed from San Antonio Spurs played really well in the game. But even after the great performance from Trae and Murray Jrue and Giannis managed to come on top.

7. Miami Heat vs Portland Trial Blazers

Miami is playing some good basketball since 2 weeks. Jimmy Buttler has also been playing good basketball. We have seen best games from Miami Heat on last Thursday where they managed to win against Golden State Warriors.

Portland Trial Blazers has also been playing really well even without Damian Lillard. So let us look the match and see the results.

8. Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors

Back to back games for both the teams where they already faced against each other yesterday. Fred Vanvleet had scored 30 points and had provided 11 assist, which his stats showed double-double in the game.

Bulls are the teams all the fans are loving to see them good basketball after so long years. We have already seen best defensive Bulls playing NBA basketball. We have made some highlights related to Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors.

Both the teams played with 100 percent effort, so rather than the results we have seen both the teams hustle.

Further more updates will be updated in the nest blogs.


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