NBA 7 Matches of the Day highlights

As we all are excited that new NBA season has been started 7 days ago. The most excited NBA season is back and we have already seen most of the anticipated match on the first day.

As of today the top team in the NBA is Milwaukee Bucks in the eastern conference. The Portland Trial Blazers in the western conference.

 Watch: Top 7 match of the October 21,2022

Regarding today NBA had 7 matches where there is also exciting match up.  We have brought you the highlight of todays NBA games where 14 teams had played and only seven have came out as a winner.

1. Washington Wizards vs Indiana Pacers

The first match today was Washington Wizards against Indiana pacers. In the match Indiana came out on top against the Wizards where they won by 10 points.

In the first half, Washington Wizards had scored 30 points and on the other hand, Pacers had scored whooping 75 points.

Coming into second half Wizards were 15 points behind. Washington scored 57 points in the second half where pacers only scored 52 points but in the final whistle Pacers won the match by 127 to 117.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves vs Los Angeles Lakers

In the Second match the 0-5 Lakers faced Minnesota at Timberwolves home ground. In that game Minnesota won the game against the Lakers by 9 points.

In the first half Minnesota scored 52 points and on the other hand Los Angeles Lakers matched by scoring 52 points.

Coming to the second half Lakers scored 23 points and Wolves scored 26 points in the third quarter. In the fourth Minnesota scored 33 points, Lakers scored 27 points. Minnesota scored 111 and Lakers scored 102 points.

The Los Angeles Lakers are now 0 wins and 5 loss, playing 5 games and Minnesota Timberwolves improved their record by 4-2. Minnesota just signed Rudy Gobert and they are just improving their roster.

3. Milwaukee Bucks vs New York Knicks

The former 2 time back to back MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo faced against the red hot New York Knicks. In that game the Greek freak dominated the entire game where he scored 30 points along with 14 rebounds and 9 assists while playing 39 minutes.

Milwaukee Bucks Scored 26 and 33 points in first and second quarter respectively. While Knicks scored 24 and 29 points respectively. In the half Milwaukee led by 59 to 53 points.

Coming to the second half Bucks scored 37 and 23 points and New York Knicks scored 32 and 23. In the final whistle the scoreboard showed the score of 119 and 108 of Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks.

Giannis was the Player of the match where he was the top scorer in the entire match. He continued to dominate the entire game from the first minute.

4. Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers

Tyrese Maxey played extremely well in the match where he scored 44 points with 8 rebounds and 4 assists. The 44 points was the highest points by Maxey in his NBA career. He came up clutch in the Toronto Raptors home court.

Toronto Scored 26 and 22 points in first and second quarter respectively. While Philly scored 28 and 37 points respectively. In the half Philly led by 65 to 48 points. In the first half Tyrese did not miss any shot that he attempted.

Coming to the second half Toronto Raptors scored 22 and 20 points and Philadelphia 76ers scored 16 and 31. In the final whistle the scoreboard showed the score of 112 and 90 of Philly 7ers and the Toronto Raptors. Philly had won the game by 22 points kudos to Tyrese Maxey.

With a win against Raptors Philly improved their record by 2-4 and Toronto Raptors record is 3-3. Both are one of the top teams in the eastern conference for past 2-3 years. We have to wait and see where these team will be in the table coming playoffs.

The Player of the match was non other than Tyrese Maxey with a career high 44 points. Tyrese could not miss in the match against the Raptors.




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