Why adsense is a great alternative for ezoic

We have seen many bloggers who have been with Media vine and many who have AdSense. But as of right now we can see that Ezoic is one of the top ad companies and has been providing great income in terms of Adsense and media net.

Before it used to be AdSense which used to pay great income but as compared to today Media.net is also providing great income in comparison with adsense.

Why Media.net is more fruitful than AdSense?

We have been getting lot of questions regarding why many other ad sites are great that AdSense. In terms of Income Media. net is providing a great revenue than AdSense. Media.net did not use to provide that much of a revenue before but as comparing now we can see that it is also one of the top revenue generator for the bloggers all around the globe.

We all used to think the Media.net would be just be an average site who provides low income but now we can see, it is one of the top ad brands which provides high revenue. Many people are Switching from AdSense to Media.net in last few years, due to the income factor.

Ezoic Vs Media vine which provides more income for bloggers?

We have been getting lots of question regarding this topic. Many people is is really worth switching to Media vine? I would definitely say yes it is worth the switch from Ezoic to Media vine. Comparing from income with the same traffic Media vine pay more than Ezoic.

Bloggers are switching from one ad company to another because of revenue they will get from the ads site. So we are just defining that both Ezoic and Media Vine has both pros and cons.

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