Watch: Dejounte Murray bounces ball in opponents head.

Former San Antonio Spurs player Dejounte Murray is seen playing some basketball after being transferred to Atlanta Hawks. Dejounte was a part of NBA all star in the year 2021-22 with the Spurs.

Video: Dejounte Murray hitting opponent with a ball.

Murray just teamed up with John Collins and Trae Young, played some basketball in the gym. In that game Murray was seen dribbling the ball in the head. While the opponent player couldn’t do anything.

with that being sad watch the video below:


Trae Young and Murray teams up.

The new teammates are vibing with each other since Murray joined Atlanta Hawks. Murray and Trae was friends even before being teammates. In the coming season it will be fun t0 watch both of them play together.

Trae also has John Collins on his team with so much of highflying and Crafty handler around he is definitely going to enjoy it. Young was also seen watching the Real Madrid train in US. As it was afternoon Trae went to watch Madrid play some soccer which is also former Luka Doncic playing teams.

We can just say that both of them will be equally fun to watch.

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