Klay Vibing at Los Angeles Dodgers game

Recent NBA Champion Klay Thompson is often seen on his private boat, vibing alone. The four time NBA Champion is in search of the fifth ring. Klay Thompson was enjoying the Los Angeles Dodgers game with a glass full of beer in his hand.

Klay Thompson going live in Instagram at Dodger’s game.

After Coming back from ACL injury which he suffered in 2019 NBA Finals. Klay won the comeback player of the season 2022 for 2022 season. In the year 2022 Klay came from injury and won the NBA championship with Golden State Warriors.

Klay was seen enjoying the baseball Match where he was seen going live there as well. It is always fun to watch Klay going live where he calls out each and every one.

Klay is now just going in Vacay with his Dog. After being injured for almost two years and winning the NBA championship right after coming back. We can definitely say that Klay is the Comeback player of the season.

Klay and Steph are seen together at GSW where both of them had some brotherly connection between both of them. This Duo will be playing some easy basketball for the next season.

We will see both of them playing with some fun and joy.


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