NBA Players in Offseason 2022

We have covered you the NBA players Offseason highlights for the 3rd week of July. Ja Morant was on a podcast where he said he can cook the greatest player of all time Michael Jordan. On the other hand Steph was seen scoring and doing his own impression.

July 3rd week NBA players Highlights.

1. Ja Morant said he would cook the GOAT

In an recent podcast the Black Jesus claimed that he would cook NBA great MJ. If he was playing in current NBA games. He even said he can beat him in one on one competition. Ja recently had an leg injury in a playoffs game against the Golden State Warriors.

2. Stephen Curry was seen impersonating himself.

The four time NBA Champ and one of the top point guard was seen playing scoring games in mall. After shooting the balls he did his own impression. Curry recently added All Star game and  FMVP accolades this season. Steph had recently organized a celebrity Golf tournament where top celebrities were seen taking part on it.

3. Jamal Crawford still has Basketball handles.

The 42 year old Jamal has some insane handles in the NBA. One of the versatile players Crawford was seen breaking ankles in the gym. With the video of him playing we can pretty much say that the 42 years old Crawford is still doing some crafty works in the gym.

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