Lebron James playing in Drew League

The Los Angeles Lakers were out of the Playoffs in this year NBA Season. The Lakers had one of the best trio in the league this season. Lebron was seen playing in the Drew league few days before. Lebron James erupted 42 points in that match.

Video: Lebron James 42 point show light up Drew league

As soon as Lebron stepped his foot in the Court the Crowd started cheering his name as it was Los Angeles Lakers home game. Lebron entered the court with Demar DeRozan and won the game by 104 to 102 in Pro Am basketball league.

This was Lebron James first Drew League appearance since joining the league. At the Game James dropped 42 piece on 18-36 shooting, 16 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 assists. DeRozan invited Lebron to play on his side with Casper Ware’s team. He scored 30 points on 9-23 from shooting with 14 rebounds.

DeRozan team trailed by as many as 7 points in the fourth quarter before the comeback. Even though they won the match Lebron James was seen struggling from the Free throw line, where he missed second throw which nearly led to opponent potential game winning three but missed. Lebron James then raised his hand in the air and started celebrating.


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