Watch: Kid talking Smack to Zion at a camp.

Zion Williamson has been sidelined for the whole season last year. However, Zion got a bag with five years 193 million dollar rookie extension. Williamson Could potentially grab a supermax contract if he makes the NBA team next season.

Video: Kid started trash-talking to Zion at his own camp.

Williamson recently held a camp, In the camp, one child was seen talking smack to him. In the video, the kid said My stepdad is taller than you and he plays better defense and offense than you after that Williamson said What? you don’t even believe that.


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Zion Playing one on one against the Kid.

After signing his new contract with the Pelicans Williamson said I am Locked in baby. Even said I am thinking about putting that person through the rim on his Dunking. Watch the Video of Zion going one on one against the kid.

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