Watch: Draymond and Lebron Partying together in july 4th.

It has been 18 days since the NBA offseason has ended. The Golden State Warriors just finished the Parade and the Warrior’s Point Forward has been seen Partying with Lebron James.

Draymond Green just explored many places in the USA. He was seen visiting Brooklyn and many other places too. Yesterday Green went to James’ house to celebrate July fourth along with other NBA players.

Video; Lebron James and Draymond at James’s house celebrating

In the recent Video, both of them were drunk Lebron was seen saying ” they did not believe in us” while on the other hand, Green was just enjoying. Watch the Drunk video below.

Looks inside 4th of july party house



Lebron James is back in the Gym.

After the late night party James was seen on the lab today. Lebron was vibing and looking to get some shots in the lab.


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